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CU's PhET Physical Educational Technology

This website has outstanding interactive demonstrations and simulations for physical science.  Check it out!


Contains various dynamic demonstrations.


Very nice, user-friendly website with content from all academic areas, including science and technology.  Check out the videos that accompany the content.


This is a cool chemistry website that shows how Mendeleev arranged the elements, contains activities, and provides downloadable material.

Internet Plasma Physics Education Experience (IPPEX)

I recommend this site for asking questions and getting information about fusion, matter, energy, magnetism, or electricity.


This is a great website to visit if you are looking for a cool experiment.  It also lets you figure out the science of how skateboarding tricks work!


This is a great all-around website that provides an explanation about most everything.

Jefferson Lab

This website has a terrific interactive Periodic Table of Elements, games, puzzles, a student zone, and information on new discoveries.

MULTIPLE Cool Life-Science Websites

Visit for websites on numerous topics ranging from histology to bugs to virtual knee surgery.