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The Lonely Life

     In the new mansion down Poor Blvd. was a haughty ,yet sad man. His name was Stephen King.His life had been what everybody waned but, not him. He attended Harvard to be a Lawyer. Soon, after he graduated he got a job in New York. He had won cases for the slyest people, form the Crooks to people in the Mafia. They paid him millions for his cases he had won for them. That is were he made a lot of his money. He then decided after seven years of being the guy to get yoiu "The easy way out". He wanted to move to a small town were no one would know his reputation. Instead of being the lawyer that everyone hated ,except the bad guys.

    He found a little place in Montana were they needed some lawyers. He started his job after a week of settling down there. He found him a little white house with black shutters. He bought it to start off his new life. Now cases were like divorce, abuse, and losing your home to the goverment. One day a woman walked in with her sister whose husband had abused her for two years. She was tired of it and wanted to get out. Jessica Tuner told him what her husband had done to her over the years. And how she had called the cops and they never did anything. For two weeks they got all the information together. Amy Simons hte sister to Jessica mostly came