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I feel as if I have been Cheated   

Because god has taken so much from me

He has taken away my best friend

Summer West October 30,2000

My uncle Tony October 17,2004

My uncle Lawerence  May 23,2005

and now my uncle Darrell august 21,2006

Why me? thats all I need to know

Everyday I wake up I began to dread it

Some have become Cold-Hearted

after disasters like this

But yet I keep going because

that is how they would want  me to do

Why did he take them from me?

They were my life

Yet people think there were

signs for some of them 

I don't believe that

just two months ago

I was riding in my uncle Darrell's

Big truck coming to Mississippi

But, yet a few weeks later

he is gone

I just feel like I have been Cheated in Life