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Topic Planning Records



Our topic planning records are available on our planning wall in the nursery cloakroom.

Please have a look to see some of the fun and learning your children are experiencing in the nursery. A member of staff will be happy to talk you through these.


Curriculum for Excellence



Curriculum for Excellence

“Embracing a wider definition of how and what children should learn.” 

Scotland is moving towards a new curriculum which spans from ages 3 to 18, and will be used at appropriate levels by all educational establishments. This curriculum will be developed over the next couple of years for implementation. 

As the children in the nursery are at the beginning of their educational experiences we would like to introduce the ethos of the “Curriculum for Excellence,” so that as the children progress through school they have a growing familiarity with expectations.  

 Our curriculum in the nursery remains firmly embedded in active and fun learning experiences,  to help support this we are introducing the children to the four capacities of the Curriculum for Excellence to the children through a familiar friendly character. 

We are reintroducing  “Learning Teddies” which we used for some time in the nursery last year to help the children develop an awareness and enjoyment in achievements in learning through nursery play and fun experiences.   We would like to share this with you as parents, carers and fellow educators of your child.

Your child may have a Learning Teddy as they leave nursery and we would ask you to help your child attach their learning comment to the appropriate section on our Big Learning Teddy display in the cloakroom. The comments are colour coded to identify the correct section. Staff will be on hand to expand on your child’s learning experience and answer any questions.