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Lesson Plans

Career Studies


Objective:  Students will be able to process goals and objectives for problem solving.


Mon 5/12:  Journal writing.  Complete work on our Apollo 13.  Complete section 1 and section 2 problem solving. Hand out pg. 118 in teacher book for group activity.


Tues 5/13:  Journal writing.  Discuss questions completed by each group.  Discuss pg. 184-185 in textbook.  Complete questions in workbook pg. 86 and 87.


Wed 5/14:  Journal writing.  “Ketchup” Day.


Thurs 5/15: Journal writing.  Discuss pages 184-185, The Three Techniques of Problem Solving.  Discuss setting goals and objectives. Complete pages 186-187 in workbook. Continue with 188-189 in workbook


Fri 5/16:  Journal writing.  Complete pages 190-191 in workbook.  Review chapter eight work. Short quiz over vocabulary.