About SchoolRack → Our History

In late 2003 we officially launched SchoolRack for creating free teacher websites, something we knew we could benefit from in our own busy lives as parents and teachers. After roughly six months of development, our first version of SchoolRack was rolled out. Originally developed for the Los Angeles School District and surrounding areas, SchoolRack was eventually adopted by the rest of the world, and has since grown (and continues to grow) to service over three million students and parents around the world, every month!

Since our launch, we’ve been in a process of continuous improvement and have relied on user feedback and changing needs to refine SchoolRack. In maintaining our original vision though, SchoolRack has always been, and always will, remain free for teachers to use worldwide.

Take a Look at Our Past

Version 1

Version 1 Launched November 2003

Version 2

Version 2 Launched February 2005

Version 3

Version 3 Launched February 2006

Version 4

Version 4 Launched November 2006

Version 5

Version 5 Launched July 2009