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We understand the importance of technology in education and, along with many education leaders, believe maintaining an online presence is critical to a classroom's success. Our online tools are proven to increase classroom efficiency and improve student performance - and they are a breeze to use! Nowadays, the Internet has become a staple in students' lives, with the average student spending more time on the Internet than in front of a television. Take advantage of SchoolRack by building your own website to play to students' strengths.

Consider the following benefits of setting up a free website on SchoolRack using just a few minutes of your time:

  • Raise academic achievement in classroom
  • Increase quality of education by being actively involving yourself in your students' education
  • Save paper and time in the classroom
  • Decrease the communication gap between teachers, students, and parents (this means less excuses!)
  • Worry-free website hosting
  • Very simple for everyone, and you'll find ample help resources available