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What is the biggest trends in Web design for 2017?

All web designers want a sleek, beautiful website and the trends in 2017 will be all about making a balance of beauty and of usefulness.

Mobile Friendliness

Mobile friendly design is a big one as larger sites are taking the hint that a large amount of their users will visit from a mobile device, rather than a desktop or laptop. Despite this trend being big in 2016, it is set to continue into this next year as more sites continue to follow the lead of bigger sites. Mobile friendly sites need to be able to be easily navigable and have precise gesture recognition as the human finger is not as accurate as the mouse is when it comes to selecting items on a web page.

Colors and Gradients

The use of colors and gradients is also becoming increasingly important as monitors and screens increase in resolution as we saw in 2016 with the development of 4K TVs and monitors and maybe, eventually, a 4K phone in 2017. As websites move away from plain white background and into whole screens dedicated to bold and exciting colors, we will see this appear all across the web with new taking on increasingly courageous color. Evocative colors will become very important as sites are trending to integrate both style and function into their websites.

Pictures and Video

Combining text and picture has been important since the feature has been available but until now it hasn’t been done in the most aesthetically pleasing way. Now, more than ever, websites focusing on putting meaningful imagery with text and the results are extremely beautiful websites that are not only pleasing to look at, but make you want to stay there longer. Video is also a part of this as texts resides over a background playing video as an integral part of the experience.


Font is also becoming important as we have seen with many pages using interesting and appealing styles. A great example of this is in with the “Stranger Things” font, based off of the font for Stephen King novels, which has been used all over the internet since the show aired. This reflects a more general trend—striking typography. This next year will continue with this trend with more websites seeking out great looking fonts and artists creating unique new ones.


Animations in web design in also becoming more and more important. A viral hit was the 404 Error page on Google Chrome with the game featuring a jumping dinosaur, navigating pterodactyls and cacti. Clever animation will continue to be important in the future as users will crave an experience that feels niched and engaging.


Many of the same trends we saw in 2016 will continue in 2017 with the exception of some new and bold choices. New and exciting colors and font will be used lure users in and the engaging experience of animation, video and text will keep them there. As for the mobile users, they will continue to see more websites shifting to friendly interfaces that will allow them to have the best time on that site.