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Alternatives to Disposable Razors

Almost all men understand the frustrations of having to buy a new razor every other week. There are a lot of things that contribute to how irritating buying a new razor can be such as the aggregate expense when one thinks about how much they have already spent in replacing their easily dulled blades. In addition to this, there are also trivial reasons like forgetting to buy a new disposable razor wherein men are forced to wince through the pain of using a dull blade to trim their beards and mustaches. However, this shouldn't have to be the case. There are alternatives to disposable razors, it's just that the modern society is so bombarded with catchy and convincing advertisements that they forget such products exist. Fortunately, there are still people who remind other men that it's a good idea to know more about more practical options.


The straight razor and the safety razor are still viable tools in removing facial hair. Or if preferred, it can be used in removing hair from other parts of the body as well. Meaning it can also be used by women if they intended to do so. Besides, using these two types of shaving tools chooses no gender even though both razors exude a manly aura because of its metallic finishes. Here are some key pros and cons to of safety razor vs straight razor.

First are the safety razors. The look of this type of razor is extremely similar to disposable razors. And it makes perfect sense because disposable razors are designed with respect to the efficiency of the safety razor. Unlike disposable razors however, safety razors last for a very long time. With careful use and maintenance, it can last a lifetime. It provides a clean shave just like any disposable razor would and is known for being just as ergonomic.

The obvious disadvantage of this type of razor however, when compared to straight razor, is that it still incurs periodic expenses. The blades have to be replaced from time to time although considerably less frequent than disposable razors. Blades aren't particularly expensive and are insignificant in cost compared to disposable razor replacements.

Straight razors on the other hand are quite intimidating in its looks. Resembling a small foldable knife, yet apparently more fine in quality since it has to deal with precise hair trimming. This type of razor lasts a lifetime, even if the owner frequently whets the blade. At any rate, even if the blade does get too small because of rigorous whetting, it's so inexpensive that getting another one is practically an insignificant cost in the grand scheme of things. In addition to its longevity, a lot of men prefer this type of razor because of how they perceive it as the more masculine option. And there's really nothing wrong with that.

The glaring disadvantage of using straight razors however, is that it's prone to inflicting injuries. Nicking the skin while shaving is quite commonplace especially for those who are trying out straight razors for the very first time. Check out some shave tips such as using a reliable shaving cream to avoid such scenarios.