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Five Different Forms of Motocross Racing

There are various forms of motocross racing. Each form has widely grown popular each day with countless fans and sponsors seriously investing. Racing with motocross has become universal and a lot of individuals follows and cheers at every known event. They may differ from one another, but it surely does not disappoint sports enthusiasts. It is a sport that's hard not to be a fan of once you get to experience it.


However, no matter what type of motocross racing you find yourself getting hooked to, one thing you should never forget is to wear protective clothing. You can easily find the best scooter helmets online, and while you're at it, you could also look for boots and jackets that will be part of your motocross gear.

Different Forms of Motocross Racing

1. Enduro Racing: It is a race that not only talks about speed, but it requires endurance of both motocross bikes and the riders as well. Enduro is a motocross sport that uses predominant off road courses consisting of several extreme obstacles and challenges. This form of racing in motocross requires a specialized motorcycle that can withstand the harsh environment. It is composed of a strong suspension combined with added features that can adapt to various road portions of the course.

2. Freestyle Motocross: For those individuals who want to satisfy their appetite with jaw dropping, heart-stopping and death defying motocross tricks and stunts, freestyle motocross is suited for your taste. Motocross riders are required to perform successful stunts and tricks that must capture the judge's attention. Judges are given the role to score points based on rider's execution. Tricks that are normally seen during the competition include front flip, under flip, back flip, double back flip, 360, the corolla, tsunami, the scorpions and such are rated. Higher points will be given depending on certain types of takeoffs and landings. In addition, the sport is also well known as FMX.

3. Hill Climb Motocross: Motocross takes pleasure in testing and exploring how good both riders and motorcycle are. Identical to its name, hill climb events is a motocross race based on speed and time, where riders compete for each other in reaching the top of a hill within a specific amount of time given. Hill climb is also known as Hill climbing.

4. ATV Motocross: A form of motocross racing utilizes ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), instead of traditional two wheel bikes. ATV composes of 4 wheels, frames and special tires that are developed for dirt racing.

5. Supercross: This kind of motocross event usually requires a bigger location like a large stadium, an arena or at fairgrounds. A temporary artificial track made incorporating jumps trails and obstacles that are set up for the super cross race. Motorcross bikes in supercross are made of high-performance bikes engineered to withstand sharp turns and high jumps. However, within the last few years, this sport occurs in smaller areas than include hockey or basketball arenas.

It is not hard to get acquainted and appreciate each form of motocross racing. Every person has their own motocross favorite. However, in the racing world, this sport has acquired millions of support from each individual who are into motocross.

Although it is fun and exciting to look at, this type of sport or racing is dangerous. This is the reason why, if you are considering participating in different forms of motocross, there are motorcycle tips you need to keep in mind.

  • Safety First: Individuals who wants to be a part of motocross are required to understand the safety tips and measures to consider before indulging into motocross. Wearing of proper motocross gears and equipment, these are just among the elements to be observed properly.
  • Know the Bike: A motocross rider's best friend is the bike. It is important to know what your bikes are made of and how it responds.
  • Learn the Basics: Before rushing into any racing course, it is also essential to know how to operate motocross bikes such as accelerating, braking and other necessary means.

If your heart is into racing then this is a good racing sport you must consider. Above are the different forms of motocross racing.