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Animal Farm Question 2 • Back to Topics

Sheree Davis

Created 4 years ago by Sheree D.

Discuss Boxer. What role does he play on the farm? Why does Napoleon seem to feel threatened by him? In what ways might one view the betrayal of Boxer as an alternative climax of the novel (if we consider Napoleon’s banishment of Snowball and the pigs’ initial consolidation of power as the true climax)?

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  • Brianna U.
    BriannaUpshaw's Icon
    Animal Farm- Boxer • Posted 4 years ago. #

    Boxer plays a very important role on animal farm. Boxer is the reason why animal farm was so successful. He had incredible strength, dedication, and loyalty. Boxer's strength enabled the completion of the windmill. Boxer always worked hard no matter how hard his tasks were. I think Napolean was threatened by Boxer because he was the main reason animal farm was so successful and he didn't have the strength that Boxer had. Most things couldn't be accomplished without Boxer. The majority of the animals were too weak to do the things Boxer did.If Boxer was to betray animal farm I think it would instantly fail.

  • Amber C.
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    Animal Farm • Posted 4 years ago. #

    Boxer played an important role on the farm. He was the one who really did any work on the farm. He is the reason why the windmill was able to be completed. The farm was successful because of him. I think the reason why Napolean feels threaten by Boxer is that he for one was stronger than him. Another thing is that other animals kinda look up to Boxer so maybe he feeks that Boxer could possible becone head of the farm which is what he wants to be. If Boxer was to betray the the farm it would be an epic fail. The farm wouldnt survive at all. And if the humans would see that it wasnt anything then they would come back and regain the farm. Then there would no more Animal Farm.

  • ivan H.
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    Animal Farm • Posted 4 years ago. #

    Boxer the cart-horse whose incredible strength, dedication, and loyalty play a key role in the early prosperity of Animal Farm and the later completion of the windmill.He never gave up even when times were very bad he didnt give up if it came down to there being no Boxer there would be no windmill or a animal farm.

  • Evan H.
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    Animal Farm #2 • Posted 4 years ago. #

    Boxer was as important as everyone else but his skills were what they needed. He obeyed every command of Napolean, he sayid Napolean is allways right. HE is important because of his strenth. Napolean feels threatened by boxer because of his sive and the abilityto dofarm work, while all the pigs do is think. I agree with Amber if Boxer were to betray the farm, they would be without tools, food, wood and they wouldnt have any strenth on the farm. The humans would regain theirpower if Boxer were to leave.

  • Jared M.
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    Animal Farm #2 • Posted 4 years ago. #

    Boxer was a very important factor on the farm. He was very powerful and hard-working. He would work extra hours completing work that needed to be done on the farm. Napolean feels threatned by him because Boxer is the main reason for the farm's success. If Boxer betray Napolean, then the farm would fall and the humans would come back and take control.

  • Darian B.
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    Animal Farm #2 • Posted 4 years ago. #

    Boxer was needed in the Animal Farm "society" because of the fact that he was very hardworking and was full of determination.Now,Napoleon felt threatened because Boxer's strength could not compare to Napoleon's and it was nothing Napoleon could really do to break Boxer down except to send him to the slaughter house.I read some of the post on here before I really answered this last question. I disagree that this question is asking about if Boxer was to betray Animal Farm I think this question is relating to when Napoleon betrayed Boxer.This might be considered as an alternative climax because the betrayal made accusations that maybe Napoleon was just a leader for power because Napoleon got rid of Boxer, one of the most poweful animals , by sending him to the slaughter house instead of the hospital.

  • Danyle F.
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    Animal Farm #2 • Posted 4 years ago. #

    Boxer played a significant role in the successfulness of Animal Farm. Without Boxer's willingness to work as hard as he did the windmill wouldn't have been victoriously built. Napoloen felt threatened by Boxer because Boxer's strength and loyalty recieved more admiration than Napoleon's leadership. If Boxer were to betray Animal Farm the farm would desperatly lose all of its power and the humans would come back and take full control.

  • Cornelius H.
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    AnimalFarm2 • Posted 4 years ago. #

    Boxer was one of the key ''ingredients'' to the success of Animal Farm. He worked hard and long, but every good person has a hater. Napoleon felt endangered by the adoration and applause of Boxer. If Boxer would have betrayed animal farm they would have never gotten their strenght and power. This may have been an alternative climax because Napoleon was seen as a leader just for the fact of a leader and he didn't want anyone in his way.

  • Jalon T.
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    Animal Farm2 • Posted 4 years ago. #

    Boxer plays a important role in the farm his strong enough to do thing that the other animals are to weak to do.He is the foudation for the entire farm.Boxer loyalty and power makes him the most important resoures for the farm animals.If Boxer were to betray everyone then the humans would recalm control over them.

  • Logan S.
    LoganS's Icon
    Animal Farm Question 2 By Logan Sadler • Posted 4 years ago. #

    Boxer is one of the most hard working characters in the book and also the most loyal he always obeys the leader and is very loyal to him even though the leader is just taking advantage of him boxer is the most vital character needed to me boxer is the MVP. Napoleon is thretened because he knows that Boxer is very powerful and that if boxer was to stand up to him then Napoleon and his dogs would be no match. If boxer was to rebel the humans would instantly Triump ofer the animals without a doubt

  • jonah h.
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    animal farm • Posted 4 years ago. #

    The role boxer played a great role in this story,he was being a great helper to the leader, even though napoleon was being very cruel to him. The reason why napoleon feels threatend of boxer because, he knew that boxer wzs very powerful and strong. Also he knows that if boxer would like to revolt against napoleon, napoleon wouuld have no chance against him and either of his dogs.

  • Melissa P.
    MelP2010's Icon
    Animal Farm 2 • Posted 4 years ago. #

    Boxer played a major role in the story. He was one of the strongest animals on the farm which is why Napolean sees him as a threat. Boxers betrayal would be a climax becuase Napolean wasn't as strong as him and would easily be taken down.

  • Brittany T.
    BrittbratT's Icon
    Animal Farm. Question 2 • Posted 4 years ago. #

    Boxer was a determined hard worker who played a big role in the story. Napoleon feels threatened by Boxer because he put a lot of effort into the achievement or success of the farm and he was a very strong and powerful horse. Being an alternative climax, if Boxer were to betray Animal Farm, the farm would, basically, not be very successful and the humans will most likely come back and take control AGAIN.

  • Christopher S.
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    Animal Farm • Posted 4 years ago. #

    Boxers role in the story is he worked hard.Napoleon feels threatened by boxer because he was one of the strongest animals there.If boxer wanted to go against Napolean he wouldnt have a chance.

  • Tyra R.
    TyHoney_Rogers's Icon
    Animal Farm • Posted 4 years ago. #

    In this story Boxer is just like the other animals, but he was also important. His strength was incredible, Boxer was the reason why the windmill was completed, not only that but he worked when he didn't even have to work. He cared about getting the job done even when his health was not what it should have been. In agreement with my classmate, if Boxer were to betray Animal Farm the farm was collapse, because Napoleon was the brains he barely did any physical work. Napoleon feels threaten because of all the praise Boxer was getting. Boxer handled most of the physical labor, so if Boxer were to betray the farm the human beings would most likely hear about and take control of the farm again. All the humans are looking for is a fault in the animals plans and if Boxer were to leave that would be a fault that they would be looking for and take advantage of.

  • Brenda B.
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    Animal Farm • Posted 4 years ago. #

    Boxer works very hard, and he is very v loyal to the Napoleon without realizing that the ne is deceptive and will take full advantage of Boxer's great efforts to always give and sacrifice more. Napoleon feels threaten by Boxer is because if Boxer would have gone against Napoleon, Napoleon would be powerless and he would be over thrown by the animals so he gets rid of Boxer.

  • Anunda M.
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    Animal Farm • Posted 4 years ago. #

    Boxer played a vital role in the story. Boxer is a very hard working animal. Napoleon saw Boxer as a threat because Boxer is not only hard working, animals was praising Boxer for his work, and Boxer was the reason why the farm was successful. Most of the animals on the farm could not do the things Boxer is capable of doing. Boxer went the extra mile in his work. Boxer took time to work extra hard even if his health was not well. If Boxer was to betray the farm I think the farm would not only be unsuccesssful,the farm would not be a whole it would divided,and the humans would most likely take over again.

  • sharieka s.
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    Animal Farm • Posted 4 years ago. #

    I agree because Boxer was the most intelligient animal on the farm. Boxer was the one who made the good decisions. Without Boxer things would probably unorganized.

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