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Allow Me To Introduce Myself





My name is Ronna Williams. I will be teaching 9th Grade World History this year.  If you have me for a teacher, you are in good hands.  Even if you have never liked history before, my affection for my subject matter is contagious. Let me warn you. My classes are interesting, and it's not necessarily me! The people and events I am going to tell you about are amazing!

I will expect so much of you, and you will find yourself coming through for me! When you need someone to talk to or pray for you, I will be there. When you act up and need correction, I'll be swift and certain to help you find your way back to "sweetness".  No matter what, I will always treat you with the love I have for all my students.  You'll realize my sincerity from the first day I meet you.  You will understand that if I correct you, it is just what you need. I must give you fair warning not to mistake my kindness for weakness. I will respect you, and I require your respect at all times, to me and to each other.

We are going to work hard this year. We will take time to laugh at ourselves along the way, but take learning seriously every step of the way.


My teaching philosophy is modeled after a great educator from the 1800s. Her name was Charlotte Mason, and she believed in the "gentle art of learning".  I offer you knowledge, and I have been busy this summer creating an atmosphere for authentic learning to take place. I realize that many students learn very differently than others, and I promise to prepare lessons that meet your needs.  You must participate in the lessons and take ownership in your own education. More recently, I have adapted a modern educator named Ron Clark's ideas into my teaching philosophy.  You'll see his influence in my classroom when you find yourself having fun while learning or when you find yourself saying "thank you" more than you may have in the past. I also believe in assertive discipline. This means there will be no doubt who is leading your classroom experience in Room # 11. You'll have a safe and positive learning experience in my room.


I first discovered I wanted to become a teacher when my own children were young.  I began to home school John-Michael and Dusty.  We did home learning for about seven years. This is where I really developed my personal teaching philosophy and discovered the difference between theory and what really works.


I tutored many students over the years and was able to help them raise their achievement levels.

I began working for Wallace Community College in the Adult Education Department. This was a wonderful experience. I got to teach an 83 year old man how to read his first sentences! I helped many young people prepare for and pass the GED exam. I met people who had overcome incredible odds in order to find their way back to learning. Everyone who came was there because they really wanted to be. They had set goals for themselves, and I felt honored.

I began working at Dixie Academy in 2003-2004 where I absolutely fell in love with classroom teaching! I taught there for 5 years.

I love teaching, and I love my students.

Degrees and Honors

I have my B.S. Degree in History with a minor in Sociology

I am a member of the Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society

I was selected by my professors at Troy University as Outstanding Undergraduate History Student of the Year in 2002.

I am a member of Who's Who Among America's Teachers in High Schools and Universities

I was honored with the National Society of High School Scholars Excellence Among Educators Award in 2007.

I also have my Masters in Secondary Education in the area of American and World History.

Special Interests

I have plenty of undergraduate hours in advanced grammar and literature study. I love history, writing and reading.  I express myself through writing and music.  I love to scrapbook! I have learned to be creative using technology over the past few years, and I enjoy that so much.  I love movies, coffee, animals and good people!


I am married to Brad Williams, who is a 1983 graduate of Dixie Academy. He went to Louisville High School until the 11th grade. We've been married for 18 years.  We have two sons, John-Michael, who is in college, and Dusty, will be starting college next year.  We have a dog named Edgar Allan Poe, a cat named Mango. My husband has a donkey, a horse, and at least a hundred cows. He works at Ft. Rucker on the electronic engineering systems of the Apache helicopter used by the United States military.


I am not going to pretend that I grew up in a traditional home with a wholesome childhood. Instead of being embarrassed that I was in foster care and went through many difficult trials in my early life, I will tell you that my life journey led me to where I am now, and I am blessed to be a teacher who has a special understanding.  When I was a child, I heard people say, "That child doesn't have a chance." They pitied me, but offered me no hope.  No matter what conditions or trials a student endures, pity has no power. Instead, it was the people who loved and challenged me to rise, brush myself off and grab hold of education with both hands that empowered me. I quickly realized that what I learned could never be taken away from me. It became mine forever. I offer you the same gift that was given to me as a student: a teacher who really cares enough about you to inspire you to do more than you think you can do.  I believe in each of you. It is my desire that you believe in yourselves.