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Ms. Graziano

Email/Remind Texts

For any assistance with homework, studying, or parental contact, please feel free to email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible if not immediately :)

Class of 2016:  Sign up for Remind texts:  TEXT ______ TO # (347)442-7872 to get reminders for Math, Senior activities, bake sales, trips, etc. 


** School Supplies for 2015-2016 **

All students will need the following supplies for 2015-2016 for MATH:

- a notebook OR looseleaf binder (with looseleaf) for Math class only.

- 2 pocket folders (any color) [1 for Assessments, 1 for Portfolio Projects] for Math only.

- pad of graph paper 8.5 x11

- sharpened #2 pencils

I assign my 2 classes some supplies separately to alleviate costs/expenditures:

Class 813: Tissues               Class 811:  Paper Towels

(Donations of Copy Paper are greatly appreciated to allow students to use room computers/laptops and printer for any purpose)

Ms. Graziano will be supplying the following for the year:

- rulers

- looseleaf (for projects and binders later on)

- markers/crayons/scissors/glue

- calculators for school use only

- hand sanitizer

- dry erase markers

- extra pencils

I hope to have a wonderful, safe, and successful year! :)