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Joanna Zachos

Weekly Update 10/24

Dear Families,

This week we will have 2 tests.
Friday 10/28
  • Spelling test
  • Math Chapter 1 Test - Commutative property, Identity Property, and Associative property of Addition, Addition Strategies, Mental Math, Rounding, Estimation, Subtraction and 1, 2 step word problems. (We will be learning and reviewing this week, and students will bring home the test review on Thursday to study.)
Have a great week!
Mrs. Zachos

Weekly Update 10/31

Dear Families,

I cannot believe that it is the end of the quarter on November 4th! I want to thank you all for making this quarter so welcoming, joyful and filled with blessings. Each of your children, bring me such happiness every day.

I have a couple of things scheduled this week that I would like to fit into this quarter's grades before Friday! 


Thursday 1/3

  • There will be a Vocabulary Test. We will working on this during the week and will focus on this instead of a spelling packet and test.
  • Religion Chapter 5 test. Students will review in class and bring books home to study.Grades will be entered and published that night.

Thank you!

Mrs. Zachos

Weekly Update 11/7

Dear Families,

This will be a very short week. There is no school on Tuesday, November 8th. We dismiss early at 11.15am, on Thursday and Friday. I cannot wait to see you all at conferences to share all your children's progress!
There will be a Grammar quiz this week  -  Friday 11/11. 
Joanna Zachos

Weekly Update 11 14

Dear parents:

Here is the important information for this upcoming week:
Tuesday 11/15 Religion Chapter 6 Test

Wednesday 11/16 Science Chapter 2 Performance Task designed by me

Friday 11/18 Spelling test,  Math Chapter 2 Test. Students will bring home the Math review and use it to study
Project Information: 
We are also currently researching creatures from the Amazon Rainforest. Students will be choosing to either create their own diorama to showcase this animal, or create an informational poster. We will begin work on these when we return from Thanksgiving Break. If your child is going to do the Diorama, they will need to bring in a shoebox.  If your child is going to do the poster, they will need a poster board. These should be brought in to school after break. Additional information to follow.

Weekly Update 11/21

Dear Families,

As you know this will be a very short week. There will be no tests. 
Homework will be:
Monday 11/21: 
Math P. 49
Lucky Listener
Tuesday 11/22:
Math P.51 & P.53
Lucky Listener
Wednesday 11/23 Early Dismissal: 11.15 a.m.
Thursday  NO SCHOOL
When students return from break, they will begin working on their diorama / informational poster for science.
Many Thanks!
Joanna Zachos 

Weekly Update 11/28

Dear Families,

I hope you are enjoying your holiday! I am attaching the weekly homework list. You will find that there are times when I may switch up our schedule a little to accommodate project work or intensive workshop time. Students introductory workshops in math multiplication last week were really successful, and we will continue our more intensive workshopping mode for math again this week.  To compliment this, students will be exploring more creative ways for demonstrating acquired knowledge, in ELA and Science. Students will be working on body biographies for their book club characters and will be constructing their rainforest dioramas for science. 
There will only be one test this week:
12/2 Spelling  

Weekly Update 12/5

Dear Families, 

Please see attached the weekly homework and spelling list.
Tests this week are:
12/7 - Math Chapter 3 test. Review pages will be sent home to study as usual.
12/9 - Weekly spelling test.
12/7 Christmas Concert 
12/8 No school 

Weekly Update 12/12

Dear Families,

This week there will be no spelling packet. Attached is our vocabulary list for this week, which will be supporting our work in Science and ELA. This will be discussed at great length and used throughout the week, but can also be studied at home. There will be a vocabulary test on Friday, 12/16. 
Please also see attached, the homework for the week.
Warmest regards,
Joanna Zachos

Weekly Update 1/3/2017

Dear families,

I hope you had a wonderful break, and feel rested and ready for all the exciting things we have to look forward to this year!
Firstly, I wanted to remind you that the Science Fair rough draft form is due January 9th - next Monday. 
Secondly, I wanted to let you know what is coming up this week. In science we will be looking at health & nutrition briefly. I encourage you to share and discuss the nutrition labels on items at home and talk about healthy food choices and food groups when you are having dinner together. It will be fun for them to identify these and share their knowledge with you. 
Important Dates: 
Friday, January 6th  
Math -  3,4,5,6 Times Tables Quiz
Spelling Test
Monday, January 9th 
Science Health & Nutrition Quiz

Important Information!

*** Nutrition and Health Quiz Date Change!!!!

Due to the fact that the Science Fair Rough Draft is due on Monday, the Science nutrition and health quiz will now be on Wednesday, January 11th. We will review on Monday and students will bring home materials to review. 

Science Fair Rough Draft - Due Monday
I wanted to first clarify that this weekend, the rough draft form for the science fair should be filled out as much as possible. The back side has a section where you can list sources for your research, which should have at least a couple listed for now. The results and conclusions sections do not have to be filled in, if you have not actually conducted your experiment yet. I hope this clarifies any confusion.
ArtLink Rainforest Art Exchange Program Launch

Our Creative Connections Program Director, Miguel Barreto will be arriving at St Mary School on Tuesday morning for a special in-house program launch. Miguel is also a Bethel resident and a St. Mary's Parishioner. This is a truly exciting event!!! 
I have initiated a payment to this organization for half of the program cost. We pay the other half at the end of the program. We have currently raised over $200 towards the program through donations and bottle return money!
I am requesting that the $20 per student, I had mentioned earlier in the year be sent in as soon as possible. I will also be contributing to the cost of the program. 
Classroom Supplies

The only things we seem to be running low on right now, are baby wipes and black sharpies. I would greatly appreciate anything you could send in. 

I wanted to just send out a quick reminder about my homework policy. If a student misses two homework assignments in a row, I will call you and make sure the student has everything they need in order to complete all the missing homework. This missing work should be returned the very next day. On the third day, if the homework is not turned in, a demerit will be issued. 
That said, as a parent myself I am extremely understanding of life's demands, and so am always approachable and flexible. Please reach out to me if you are having any serious issues, family events, or things happening at home that may upset the homework completion, and I will happily work with you.
Warmest Wishes,
Joanna Zachos

Weekly update 1/9

Dear Families,

Here is the important information for the week of January 9th. There will be no spelling packet this week. 
Wednesday, 1/11 
Science -  Health and Nutrition quiz
Thursday, 1/12 
Religion - Unit 2 Test
Friday, 1/13
Math - 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Times Tables quiz

Weekly Update 1 16

Dear Parents,
I hope you are having wonderful Martin Luther King Holiday. I hope you are feeling the love and peace that family and friends bring. I am very happy to report that all book club books have arrived, so we will begin book clubs tomorrow. As always, the weekly homework list is attached.
Important Dates:

Wednesday 1/18 

Chapter 4 Math Test: a review will be done on Tuesday, and students will bring home some work to review the night before. Students should feel very confident in their multiplication skills at this point. 
Friday 1/20 
Vocabulary Test - see attached for studying. 

Weekly Update 1/23

Dear Parents, 

There are no tests this week. I will be conducting DRAs this week. 
Important Dates:
Thursday 1/26
Field trip to the Aldrich Museum 

Weekly Update 1 30

Dear Parents, 

As you know, this week is Catholic Schools Week! I am really excited to be celebrating with you, your children and their grandparents. It truly will be a fun filled week, and I expect students will be somewhat distracted. Because of this, homework will be light this week.
The homework for the week is attached below. 
Important Dates:
Monday, 1/30
Grandparents Day - No Hot lunch! All students must bring packed lunch.
Tuesday, 1/31
Parents Day
Wednesday, 2/1 
Student Appreciation Day - dress in blue and white, school appropriate clothes
Thursday, 2/2
Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
Friday, 2/3

Weekly Update 2 6

Dear Families,

Please see attached the weekly homework sheet, which is also always posted online. This week will be a very busy, exciting and creative week. 
Firstly, It is Science Fair Week. Student Presentations days are listed below:
Joe P
We are also diving into our ArtLink Rainforest exchange modules. Students will be engaging in some incredible lessons. They will be filling out a pre-exchange survey, challenging stereotypes and understanding communication through artwork. 
I am hoping that on Friday, if clay arrives, students will be making their own New Mexican Pueblo Pottery, based on their designs. We will be using Air Dry Clay in the traditional coil method, and students will be asked to reflect on this tradition as a cultural practice. This supports our unit in Social Studies, and offers a performance task opportunity for our students to demonstrate knowledge. Students will wait a couple of weeks for pots to dry and then paint with geometrical designs in natural pigment colors and symbols. Students will then present, and discuss based on the following 'I Can Targets' which the students created as a group for this unit: 
  • I can identify how weather and landforms affect where people settle
  • I can understand how cultural identity and needs affect where people settle

Weekly Update 2 13

Dear Families,

We have a packed week this week! 
Important Dates:
Wednesday 2/15
Math Chapter 5 Test
Science Fair 6.30 p.m.
Thursday 2/16 
Religion Chapter 11 Test
Friday 2/17 
Social Studies Vocab Test
Early Dismissal 11.15 a.m.
Monday 2/20 & Tuesday 2/21
Thank you,
Joanna Zachos

Weekly Update 2 22

Dear Families,

Obviously this is a short week. I hope you are all enjoying your vacation. Please see attached the weekly homework. There are no tests this week. 
Joanna Zachos

Weekly Update 2 27

Dear families,

Please find attached the weekly homework and spelling list. I have also attached the new vocabulary list which students will be using for the next two weeks in our Science unit.There will be a vocabulary test on this on 3/10. I will obviously remind you of this closer to the date.
I will be spending some time over this coming week, preparing students for the TerraNovas. Because of this, I will be shifting over to fractions in math, which should prepare them for any questions they may encounter. 
Important Dates:
Friday 3/3
Spelling Test
Joanna Zachos

Weekly Update 3 13

Dear Parents

This week we will be conducting TerraNovas on Monday and Tuesday. Please find attached, the spelling list and the weekly homework, which will be only slightly less than normal. 
Important Dates:
Wednesday, 3/15 
Science Vocabulary Test
Friday 3/17 
3rd Grade Morning Prayer Service
Spelling Test
Warmest wishes,
Joanna Zachos

Weekly Update 3/20

Dear parents,

Please find attached the weekly spelling list, weekly homework sheet and vocabulary for the next two Science chapters. 
Important dates:
Monday 3/20
Dress Down Day
Wednesday 3/22
Math Chapter 6 Test
Friday 3/24
Spelling Test
Saturday 3/25 
Father Daughter Dance
Warmest regards,
Joanna Zachos

Weekly Update 3/27

Dear parents,

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Please find attached the weekly homework sheet. There is no spelling this week. Students will be exploring verbs for the next couple of weeks. 
Important dates:
Wednesday 3/29
Religion Chapter 12 Test
Thursday 3/30
Science Chapters 7 & 8 Test
Warmest regards,
Joanna Zachos

Weekly Update 4/3

Dear parents,

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. 
Important dates:
Friday 4/7
Chapter 7 Math Test
Have a great week!
Joanna Zachos

Weekly Update 4/24

Dear Parents,

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend!

Important dates:
Tuesday 4/25
Chapter 13 Religion Test

Friday 4/28
Spelling Test
Have a great week!
Joanna Zachos

Weekly Update 5/1

Dear Parents,

Please find attached the Weekly Homework, Vocabulary, and the Weekly Spelling list. 
Important dates:
Tuesday May 2
Religion Chapter 14 Test
Friday, May 5
9.00 a.m.: 3rd Grade Mass
Spelling Test
Social Studies Vocab & Chapter 8 Content Test
Joanna Zachos