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Weather Experiments 

 Weather Webquest  



Weather Links


Find the eye of a hurricane or look at one in 3-D. 







Grade 5/6 Science

Science March 2007

What is matter?

Novemeber 2006

Kid Astronomy

Fun Science Links

Bill Nye
National Geographic for Kids
NASA for middle-school students

Trees and Forests

Exploring Kainai Plants and Culture

A Walk in the Woods

Ecokids Storybook

Things made from trees

Exploring the Secret Life of Trees

Brain Pop

Space Links

Space Kids

Cosmic Quest


The Nine Planets


 Amazing Space

Nine Planets: lots of great links about the planets, including legends

Ten Best Sites: A great collection of links from Exploratorium. It also includes descriptions of the links.

Aurora Maker

Discover Pluto

Interior of the Earth

Formation of Mercury

 Jupiters Magnetosphere

Saturn's Rings

 Life on Mars

Venus and Greenhouse Gases

The Deep Photographic Guide to the Constellations

Gravity and Microgravity explained.
How and why astronauts exercise.

Science Projects