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January 2016
4 NO SCHOOL (Admin Day for Teachers)
6 Bring your textbook for our analysis of Antigone and your Othello text (if you have not already briought it).
7 Due: Notes on videos posted in Links (under Othello Introduction) AND Unit 7 Vocabulary
8 Due: Annotate text p. xiii – xxiv (“Shakespeare’s Othello” and “Shakespeare’s Language” – stop when you reach “Shakespeare’s Life”) and annotate p. xlv – li (“Introduction to This Text”)
11 Bring: Your Othello text
12 Due: Annotate Othello, Act I, Scenes 1-2 (characterization, literary devices, motifs, irony)
13 REPORT CARDS ISSUED / Quiz: Othello Introductory materials / Bring: your Othello text
14 Due: Annotation of Othello Act I Scene 3, Othello Vocab Set 1 (DropBox), AND answers to Applied Practices 1-2 (15 questions; copy in DropBox for those absent); BRING: completed Optional Renewal forms (1st Period will receive these Thurs)
18 NO SCHOOL (MLK Day of Service)
19 Due: Othello Vocab Set 2 (DropBox)
20 Due: Annotate (motif, irony, literary terms, character, etc.) Othello Act II (at least what was viewed in class) AND begin Imagery analysis (from Act II packet in DropBox)
21 Due: Complete annotation of Othello Act II AND Act II Analysis packet & Othello Vocab Set 3 (due to Snow Day - this is moved to Mon)
25 Bring: Friday's HW
26 Due: Annotate Othello Act IV (ONLY Scenes 1-2) & Atmosphere (Mood) Analysis #1-9
27 Due: Revise & complete Atmosphere analysis
29 Due: Tragedy Video Project Proposal (one per person)
February 2016
3 Due: Unit 8 Vocab / Period 4 ONLY: Applied Practice 10
4 TEST - Vocab Units 1-7 AND Othello Sets 1-3
12 NO SCHOOL (District Learning Day for Teachers)
15 NO SCHOOL (Presidents' Day)
17 Due: Tragedy Video Project & written reflection
18 Bring: All three of this week's graphic organizers for in-class today's writing.
19 Due: Typed graphic organizer on ONE of the Othello analysis topics (Bring all three drafts of the graphics organizer as well)
22 Due: Revised & typed draft of your choice essay (Tragic Drama). Bring original draft with revision marks.
23 Due: College Board MyRoad QuickStarts & ORA Personality Profiler; Bring FOUR printouts described in instructions (DropBox)
24 Due: Unit 10 Vocab
25 Due: "Who Am I?" Reflection & Personality Poll (typed, MLA) - instructions in DropBox
26 Bring: College & Career folder (PLAN & PSAT score reports, 4 College Board printouts, 3-paragraph draft of personality reflection)
29 BRING: Your UNANNOTATED copy of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice (Penguin Classics ed., sans zombies)
March 2016
1 AP Open House - 6 PM (You should make every attempt to attend and to listen to the presenting teachers; AP Night Notes & teacher signature required for any class for you desire my recommendation)
2 Due: A.P. night Notes, teacher & parent signatures; AP Language application essay will be given 2:20-3:30 PM in the Cafeteria. Bring a black or blue ink pen.
4 Due: Annotate P&P Ch. 3-6 (follow instructions for character tracker)
8 Due: Annotate P&P Ch. 7-12 (continue collecting quotes for character tracker)
9 Due: Reduce college search to three school and have justifications
11 Due: Annotations & index card for First Impressions Character Tracker (I will provide the template in class for you to complete - Those who are out for competitions and field trips should turn in before the absence)
15 TNReady English Writing Test (possibly, but who knows?)
17 Due: Unit 11 Vocab
29 Due: Typed college search narrative & entry requirements for all three schools (including info from Princeton Review's 'Complete Book of Colleges') AND Annotate Ch. 19-23 of P&P
31 Due: Unit 12 Vocab
April 2016
1 Due: Annotate P&P Ch. 24-29 (begin looking for quotes that indicate CHANGES in characterization)
5 Due: Vocab Review p. 42-44 & p. 80-82
6 Visit from Steven Mizell (UM)
7 Due: SIGNED COURSE SELECTION FORM / Annotate P&P, Ch. 37-42
8 TEST - Vocab Units 1-12 / Due: Annotate P&P Ch. 43-46
11 Due: Create (or update) an account with; build, print, and bring a resume by completing "My Story" and "My Academics" columns for your freshman & sophomore years
12 Due: Annotate P&P Ch. 47-51 AND "What Next?" draft (DropBox College & Career Research folder)
14 Due: P&P Ch. 37-44 analysis sheets (QUIZ covers Ch. 37-49)
15 Due: Annotate P&P Ch. 52 - Conclusion (QUIZ)
18 Due: P&P Final Impressions Character (Instructions & Template in DropBox); BRING: an UNANNOTATED copy of Zora Neale Hurston's 'Their Eyes Were Watching God'
19 PERIOD 1-4 MEET IN M134
20 Due: Unit 13 Vocab
29 Due: P&P Literature-to-Life Connections Reflection
May 2016
3 Due: Annotation of Hurston's "Their Eyes Were Watching God" (entire novel; HINT: focus on characterization, diction, detail, imagery/motifs, syntax, mood, symbol, literary devices) / 6 PM HONOR ROLL PROGRAM (list can be found in DropBox)
4 English 10 TNReady Part II
6 Geometry & Algebra II TNReady, Part 2
9 Biology & Chemistry TNReady
August 2016

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