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August 2016
8 FIRST DAY OF CLASSES / Due: Dorian Gray Summer Reading Journal
9 DUE: Academic Integrity Poll & handwritten reflection (in pen) / RETURN: Signed acknowledgement slip from parent letter
10 Due: Enter results from Academic Integrity Poll (see Links page); print, read, & annotate "Why Students Cheat" and "Common Myths" articles (see DropBox folder)
11 READ: Common App teacher recommendation form (DropBox) & Sewanee's Honor Policy (Links). DUE: Print & answer reflection questions (DropBox).
12 DUE: Typed essay comparing yourself to a character from one of our summer reading novels (one page max. w/ MLA heading) AND notes or annotations from "Student Cheating Habits" (DropBox)
15 BRING: Your copy of Strunk & White's 'Elements of Style (4th ed.)' / DUE: Written reflection on USAFA's video "Officers of Character" (1:34, Links), UVA's video "On My Honor" (11:35, Links), and the WSHS Honor Code (DropBox)
16 DUE: Typed draft of Academic Integrity Synthesis Essay / BRING: Composition books
17 DUE: Revised draft of Academic Integrity Synthesis Essay (MLA format); also bring 1st draft w/revision marks; BRING: Signed Remind forms & Elements of Style
18 Quiz: Elements of Style, Chapter 1
19 Quiz: Elements of Style, Chapter 2
22 DUE: University of Indiana's Plagiarism Quiz (bring printed certificate with your name on it) / STUDY: Elements of Style, Chapter 3
23 Quiz: Elements of Style, Chapter 3
23 Textbook Pick Up
24 BRING: Your smile (SCHOOL PICTURES); Quiz - Elements of Style, Ch. 4
26 Due: Print & annotate annotation articles #3 & 4 (Links OR DropBox); create an account with Khan Academy and begin review for Monday's test
29 Due: Complete 10 practice on each of the five following sections of the Khan Academy's SAT practice page: Precision & concision, Subordination & coordination, Parallel structure, Modifier placement, and Nonrestrictive and parenthetical elements (instructions to get there can be found on the Links page); TEST: Elements of Style (Ch. 1-5)
30 Due: Read notes on archetypes (given in class & in DropBox); create a draft of a graphic organizer showing 5 archetypes from either Dorian Gray OR your choice novel; be sure to represent each of the 3 categories (character, situation, symbol) in your 5 examples.
31 Due: Typed & illustrated archetype graphic organizer
September 2016
2 Due: Annotation of Diction Lesson #2 ("Twins"); MAP Test in class to determine which students need intervention class (Board-mandated, sorry!); if everyone does really well, we will not have to take this practice test a 2nd and 3rd time this year!
5 NO SCHOOL (Labor Day)
6 BRING: Sadlier Vocabulary Workbook (Level G); OPEN HOUSE (6 - 8 PM)
8 Due: Vocab Workbook - Unit 1
12 Due: Diction Scale Assignment (DropBox) & Gotitus diction exercise
13 Due: Detail Lesson 1 (annotate & Discussion Questions 1-2)
15 Due: Signed Progress Report / PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES (3 - 6 PM)
19 Quiz - Vocab Units 1-2
20 Due: Detail Lesson 4 (DropBox; annotation & discussion questions 1-2)
21 Due: Vocab WB Unit 3 (p. 32-41; leave NO LINE empty)
22 BRING: All Diction and Detail analysis activities (3 each) with annotations and claim statements
23 Due: Analysis paragraph for TWO of the Diction AND Detail lessons (your choice, but TYPE and use MLA header); Annotate Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress;" go to link from our class page and click on "Complete Exercise" (read material, print out or write questions, AND answer)
26 Due: Typed revision of analysis paragraphs (title: Diction & Detail Analysis); 14 analysis questions on "To His Coy Mistress" (and additional annotations)
27 Due: Notes from Khan Academy: SAT: Tips & Planning: About the SAT "Content & Format" AND General Strategies "SAT Time Management" (Parts 1 & 2)
28 Due: Khan Academy: SAT: Full Tests: Practice Test 1: Reading (52 questions: 65 min timed) - Record your answers on paper / Bring: Printed copy of "My Papa's Waltz" (Links) and answer the two discussion questions found online.
29 Due: Notes on Khan: SAT: Tips & Strategies: About the SAT Reading (take notes on the 2 videos & 5 documents) / MEMPHIS READS Event: Jesmyn Ward (author of 'Salvage the Bones')
30 Due: Read "About the Poet" and "Cultural Contexts" tab on webpage where "My Papa's Waltz" is found. Print & read " 'MyPapa's Waltz' as Autobiography" and answer 3 questions. / DEADLINE to register for PSAT ($16 to Mrs. Brown-Malone in Guidance)
October 2016
3 Due: Khan Academy: SAT: Full Tests: Practice Test 1: Writing & Language (44 questions) - Record your answers on paper
4 Due: Enter answers from Khan Practice SAT: Reading to GoogleForm (Links, Remind)
5 Due: Enter answers from Khan Practice SAT: Writing & Language to GoogleForm (Links, Remind)
6 Due: Typed first draft of poetry analysis essay (choice of EITHER Marvell OR Roethke)
7 END OF 1st QUARTER / TEST - Vocab Units 1-3 (Counts on Quarter 2)
10 NO SCHOOL (Fall Break)
11 NO SCHOOL (Fall Break)
12 NO SCHOOL (Fall Break)
13 NO SCHOOL (Fall Break)
14 NO SCHOOL (Fall Break)
18 Due: Discussion Questions for both Imagery Lessons (selections from Coleridge & Hijuelos, both in DropBox)
19 PSAT given in morning (East Annex)
20 Due: Draft of original imagery poem (DropBox)
21 Due: Typed & illustrated revision of original image poem (Remind) AND annotation of exposition of "The Fan Club" (DropBox)
24 Due: Use "Fan Club" analysis question (Short Story folder in DropBox) to add to your annotations of Part I of the story (no need to reprint questions, just annotate) AND annotate Part 2 of "Fan Club" (Quiz?)
November 2016
December 2016

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