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August 2014
4 Due: Summer Reading Journal
5 Due: Academic Integrity Poll & Reflection Paragraph
6 Due: Read "Why Students Cheat" & "Common Myths" articles (in DropBox); Compose "causes" reflection paragraph
7 Due: Reflection Questions about Common App Teacher Evaluation & Sewanee's Honor System
8 Due: Summer Reading Self Reflection
11 DUE: Academic Integrity Essay (typed) / Bring a copy of Strunk & White's Elements of Style, 4th ed.
12 Due: Read Elements of Style, Ch. 1
13 Quiz - Elements of Style, Ch. 1 (Textbook distribution afterward)
14 Due: Read Elements of Style, Ch. 2
15 Quiz - Elements of Style, Ch. 2 / DUE: Identify 3 archetypes (minimum of 1 of each type) from your summer choice book; bring book
18 Due: Read Elements of Style, Ch. 3 / DUE: draft of Archetypes Graphic Organizer (summer choice novel)
19 Quiz - Elements of Style, Ch. 3 / DUE: Typed Archetypes Graphic Organizer
20 Read & annotate both articles named "How to Mark a Book" (DropBox under "Annotation")
21 Bring to class both annotation articles, 3 colors of highlighters, summary analysis, teen violence article, and sample summary analysis
22 Due: Summary statement ( < 25 words ) and Claim for one of the annotation articles
25 Quiz - Elements of Style, Ch. 4
26 Due: Typed Summary Analysis (including MLA Citation) on annotation article / OPEN HOUSE - 6 PM
27 Class Officer Applications due to Mrs. Brown, Room 22A
28 TEST - Elements of Style, Ch. 1-5 / Due: Annotation of Intro to Voice Lessons (through section on Diction) AND Diction Lesson 1, Questions # 1-2 / Student Council Applications due after school (Auditorium)
29 Due: Apply activity from Diction Lesson 1
September 2014
1 NO SCHOOL: Labor Day
3 DUE: Annotation of paragraphs on Detail (Voice Lessons Intro) and Detail Lesson 1 (not "Apply"); print out two poems from Links page / END of PRORESS REPORTING PERIOD
4 DUE: Detail Lesson 2 (not "Apply"), read & annotate "My Papa's Waltz" and complete Diction exercise (online), AND verify summer assignment grades / CLASS ELECTIONS
5 DUE: Detail Lesson 4 (not "Apply") / BRING 4-6 index cards
8 DUE: Annotate Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress" and bring 4-5 index cards
9 Due: Complete Diction exercise (online) for "To His Coy Mistress"
10 Due: "Got-itus" Diction activity & Detail 4 Apply; PROGRESS REPORTS ISSUED
11 Due: Action Verb Activity / Homecoming voting in class
12 Bring Vocab Workbook (G) if you have it
13 Spartan Festival & Run for Sparta 5K
15 Due: Diction Scale definitions (10)
16 Due: Typed Diction Scale assignmnet
17 Due: Vocab Workbook Unit 1 (p. 12-21: ALL pages and blanks)
18 Due: Claim statement for Roethke's "My Papa's Waltz" / Parent-Teacher Conferences (3 - 6 & 4 - 7 PM)
19 NO SCHOOL: District Learning Day for Teachers
23 Due: Annotation of exposition of Maynard's "Fan Club" (in DropBox "Short Stories" folder if you were not present to pick up)
24 Due: Vocab WB Unit 2, p. 22-31 (ALL blanks filled in; USE PEN); annotation of "Syntax" (from Voice Lessons Intro) & Syntax Lesson 2
25 Bring annotation of "Fan Club" for in-class activity
26 7th Period - Grizzlies Poetry Slam
29 DUE: Compass Learning online assignment (see Links)
October 2014
1 Due: SAT Vocab Unit 3 & FIRST annotation of Part 2 of "Fan Club"
2 Due: Annotation Questions for Part 2 of "Fan Club"
3 END of 1st QUARTER
15 PSAT (Fees have been waived for sophomores - PSAT scores are required for AP application in the spring and for a major project in English)
16 MEET IN LBRARY FOR DISCOVERY ASSESSMENT / Due: Vocab WB Word Study, p. 45-49 (Skip Review Units 1-3)
17 TEST - SAT Vocab Units 1-3
20 Due: "Fan Club" draft (instructions in DropBox) AND re-read Ch. 1 of Dorian Gray and add to your annotations
22 Due: Vocab WB Unit 4
23 Due: Imagery Lessons 1-2 (not Apply)
24 Due: Watch video segments about Birmingham Movement (see Links) and read public statement by Alabama Clergymen to Dr. King (DropBox)
27 Due: Typed, personal version of "Knoxville Tennessee" poem AND annotate first 14 paragraphs of King's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" ( look for CLAIM and GROUNDS)
29 Due: Vocab WB Unit 5
30 Due: Typed answers to 10 of the 12 Rhetoric & Style questions at the end of "Letter from Birmingham Jail"
31 QUIZ - SAT Vocab Units 4-5
November 2014
3 Due: Typed "Birmingham Jail" analysis (include handwritten draft from class)
4 DUE: Continuation of Greek Tragedy notes (based on videos at Discovery Education on Links page) / SCHOOL PICTURES
6 Due: Vocab WB Unit 6 (p. 70-79)
7 QUIZ - Greek Tragedy (notes from packets & videos)
11 NO SCHOOL: Veteran's Day
13 Due: Vocab WB Word Study, p. 83-87
17 Due: John Amaechi Extra Credit
19 Due: Vocab WB Unit 7
21 TEST - Greek Tragedy & Antigone / BRING your unannotate copy of Othello (Folger Shakespeare Library Edition)
24 Due: Food Drive Extra Credit & Vocab Test Point Recovery
24 Due: Annotate text p. xiii – xxiv (“Shakespeare’s Othello” and “Shakespeare’s Language” – stop when you reach “Shakespeare’s Life”) and p. xlv – li (“Introduction to This Text”); go to United Streaming, watch and take notes on “Section D. Shakespeare & Tragedy” and “Part One: Othello” (total viewing time: 30 minutes)
25 QUIZ - Shakespeare readings and videos
December 2014
1 BRING: copy of Othello and Pre-Reading Opinionnaire (analysis of Othello begins)
2 Due: Othello Vocab Set 1 and Annotation of Act I, Scenes 1-2

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