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Students are expected to come into 5th grade knowing ALL of their basic multiplication facts.  If this is not the case they should be practicing their facts on a daily basis.  This can be done using flash cards or by accessing one of the many fact practice games on the internet ( is a site I have shared with students).  Automaticity with these basic facts will help ensure success this year.

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Week of 10/30

study for NBT mixed assessment... bring home journal and folder to review

Week of 10/23

Tuesday HW... due wednesday  -  Estimating Decimal Products

Week of 10/10

Tuesday HW... due wed... 2 sided worksheet (expanded/word form) and Thousandths

Week of 10/1-5

Monday HW... due TOMORROW  

2-sided worksheet on X,÷ with powers of 10

Week of 9/25 - 29

Monday HW... due wednesday

2 - sided worksheet...

 adding/subtracting decimals, WordForm, ExpandedForm, Rounding,  4 PVP's

Week of 9/18-22

Monday HW... due wednesday

2-sided worksheet 

-     Estimating sums /differences

-     Finding actual answers

 Word Form

 Expanded Form (using exponents)

 Rounding to given place values

 4 PVP’s



Week of 9/11 - 15

Monday HW... due Wed  -  standard / word forms  

                   6 PVP's... there are 2 for each of the numbers on the left side (problems 1,2,3)

Week of 9/5 - 8

Tuesday HW... due Wed.   -   2-sided worksheet "What Do You Know"  (4 problems)

Thanks to all who came to Open House last night!!!


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Writing 9/11/15 UPDATE:

Biopoems should have been completed in class.  If they were not, please do so at home. See the following format as a guide:

Line 1: Your first name

Line 2: Who is…. (traits/words that describe you)

Line 3: Who is relative of (brother, sister, daughter, son, etc.) of….

Line 4: Who loves…. (3 ideas or people)

Line 5: Who feels…. (3 ideas)

Line 6: Who needs…. (3 ideas)

Line 7: Who gives…. (3 ideas)

Line 8: Who fears…. (3 ideas)

Line 9: Who would like to see…. (3 places or events)

Line 10: Who is a resident of….

Line 11: Your last name

Don't forget the etymology component too.  Visit the website below: 

Writing 9/6/17 UPDATE:

Personalizing Your Writer’s Notebook

Directions:  According to Ralph Fletcher, a writer’s notebook should “reflect your personality” (5).  In an effort to make your notebook uniquely yours, take the next few days collecting different sources that you can attach to your composition notebook.  Some sources to consider using are in the table below.If you can think of other ways to make this writer’s notebook reflect your personality, add it!  

Later, you will use what you have collected and created to carry out a presentation about yourself to the class.  It will give you chance to spotlight yourself among your peers.  If you haven’t mounted all the pictures/sources on the notebook by the due date, that’s fine.  You can present what you do have.


magazine pictures




ticket stubs



images from internet

Due dates:
McMullen + Simmons: Tuesday, September 12th
Grimes, Sears, + Bo: Wednesday, September 13th 


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Fifth grade students are required to read for 30 minutes, 5 times per week.  Remember to read a variety of fiction and nonfiction genres and use your strategies for choosing a "Just Right" book. The more you read the better reader you become!

Grade 5