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February 3-7

Monday:  I can use context clues. 

Grammar 1 Test was today.

Vocabulary 2 Ex. 1

Tuesday:  I can explain comma rules.  I can use context clues.

Students took notes and practiced over the punctuation mark, the comma.

Comma Quiz TOMORROW!

Vocabulary 2 Ex. 2 (HW)

Wednesday:  I can punctuate sentences correctly.

Students took notes and practiced over the following punctuation types:  semicolons, colons, hyphens, dashes, parentheses, and brackets.

Vocabulary 2 Ex. 3

Grammar 2 Test (punctuation) Friday!


Thursday:  I can correctly place quotation marks and apostrophes in a sentence.

 Vocabulary Review - TEST TOMORROW!

Grammar 2 Test (Punctuation) - TOMORROW!

Friday:  Vocabulary 2 and Grammar 2 Test