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Substitute Lesson - October 1st



Sorry I cant be in school today.  I've been sick all weekend and have no voice at all!

I was planning to set this project later in the week, but there is no reason why you shouldn't do it now.   

It is worth 25 points.




You have just moved into your first 1 bedroom, unfurnished apartment.  You need to furnish it in a way that meets your needs and stays within your budget.


You have $10,000.


1.                  List all the items you think you’ll need.  You may need to do without some of them when you start buying.

2.                  You have a dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer, oven and stove top already in the apartment.

3.                  You need:

                  Bedroom Set – including mattress

                  Living room set

                  Coffee tables

                  Computer and desk

                  Kitchen table, chairs

                  Kitchen equipment – include microwave, food mixer, coffee pot etc.

                  Television, DVD, PlayStation (if you want one)

                  Towels, Sheets etc.

                  Lamps, rugs, vases, etc.

                  Any other items you would need


      Once you start to search for items you can add/delete various items


4.                  You will shop online


                  You can look in,,,, or any other stores you think might meet your needs


5.                  Display your purchases in Excel with the following information.


            Required Columns:

·        Item Description

·        Unit price

·        Sales tax (6%)

·        Total cost

·        Shopping Website


6.                  You must buy at least 10 items of furniture


7.                  Sort by room: Kitchen/Dining Room, Sitting/Living Room, Bedroom


8.                  Present the information in a creative way following the above criteria. 


1.Introduction To Personal Finance

Week 1

  • Course Introduction and Internet Acceptable Use Policy
  • What is Personal Finance? Why study it?

Notes: Handouts available in Uploaded files

Course Intoduction

Money Quotes

Sub Plans Friday October 19th

Personal Finance



Sub Plans – Friday October  19th



Here’s the list of things to get done this block:



1.                 Finish your Car Power Point on “Tips at the Dealers”.





2.                 Work on your Stock Project.



Print out a positions page. (It’s Friday)


Check your Word Files and add to them


a.                  Buy/Sell Decisions


b.                 5 Stocks to Watch


c.                 Real World Questions





3.                 Sort out your files on-line and in your folders.



These are the categories.





Goals, College and Careers




Budget – include tax


Credit Cards and Debt




Houses (we will cover this next)






4.                 Work on your articles.




5.                 Study for the test on Monday.



Work on:


Types of Cards


Information in Schumers Box


Credit Card Bills


Credit Reports – all info


How to get good/bad credit history


Advantages/Disadvantages of Credit



Good Luck and Have a Great Weekend.



See you Monday : )