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Purchase the right e-book reader

Do you plan on purchasing an e-book reader because you love to read but you travel a lot, so this would be the only comfortable way in which you can carry your books with you during your travels? Well, this is an excellent idea, but you first need to gather helpful information on the types of e-book readers now available on the market. The offer is diverse and it might be difficult for someone who has never made such a purchase before to make a good choice. The fact that the offer available is so diverse is an excellent thing; this means that there are plenty of good items that are a good purchase. For example, we have two good recommendations: Kindle and Nook. These are two of the best products now available but you should check out a Nook vs Kindle comparison in order to understand which of them best suits your preferences and needs. By reading more on Nook and Kindle e-book readers, you will find out that there are certain features that are exactly the same, but there are differences between the two as well. For example, specialists recommend Nook e-book readers to those interested in good physical design, user accessible storage and good personalization choices, while they recommend the Kindle e-book reader to those interested in simplified buying and renting books, better web browsing and navigation capabilities.


We should take a deeper look into the differences between the features of these two types of e-book readers. It is important for you to understand what is different from one another because this is how you will manage to make a wise choice regarding your needs. By reading more, you will find out that Kindle e-book readers use a Linux 2.6.10 operating system while Nook readers use an Android system. This is one big difference between the two products. Another big difference between the two products is represented by the fact that Nook e-book readers have a memory card slot and a memory expansion slot, while Kindle e-book readers don’t. This is an important detail, especially if you plan on storing the books you have read or store the ones that are on your bucket list. It is true that both e-book readers have an internal storage capacity of 1,500 books, but this is simply not enough for a passionate reader.

As you can see, there are plenty of differences between these two types of e-book readers and you should definitely do some additional reading on them in order to purchase the one that simply fits you best. Choosing the right e-book reader might be a difficult task, a confusing one given the many options available but this can become much easier if you direct your attention to some additional information on important features. You probably have a clear idea in mind of what you expect an e-book reader to offer you, so make sure of the fact that the choice is wise and that it fits your needs and interests.