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If your life were a book and you were the author

(Idyllic village)
I'm David born in london 1994 i didn't remember how it was beautiful,also i'm sorry about if i miss in the gramer of so ,, my english still not good (don't worry i will wor this days to imporove it ) then i traveled with my family to istanbul directly then i live there 20 years till now , it's very beautiful city and good people , when i was in the school i ask my self why we should be like this no body help the other even he can do it simply and it will not over effort, always when i was child i would have a dream (really big hard dream) that dream germinate from my small expirince in the life , i see rich people don't help the poor's even if you don't like to give them a money don't looks crappy to him as he is not human we are all conssist of Clay so why the arrogant , what about simple smile without give him something also ,, what about good words and also don't give him any thing (if you like that)
So yesterday i talked with my mother about good project (non-profitble orgnisation ) that foundation will convert all poor man power to goldmine , simply i thought to build one in each country in the world , and collect all poor peoples from streets , always in any countery there are remote spaces un stableshed yet, so i belive that i can do that eventuly in my countery , to contacts with the prime minstry to establish this spaces simply for that people ,, and it should be just 1 good manager for this small village to arange the low,lets say that it's me :so i will make really strict low, because that people are from low tier ,so the stealing and all other bad things which in poor village will germinate , so i will make some strickt Instructions to avoid any body to commits a crime:
for example if someone steal there are nothing called "Sorry" he will go to the jail for 10 years even he steal a small thing to make him lesson for others ,
Now it's time to make that make insane man power from that dead people, all of them will get his bed and his food every day until they build them village by there hands, even old man/wommen will find a job like sew clothes or look after hens or even educate the childs the intrudctions of life,
lets look far away for possitve side of this project ,i think in no time (5-10) years this small village will be awesome and also we able to gatter donations from all of the world , shortly this project i called it (Idyllic village)
Note: I will update this project when i rach any point and i'm sure i will update soon (1-2) weeks ,
So now that was always my permanent quesiton to my self !!
If your life were a book and you were the author , How would you want your story to go ?
Ask yourself same question because that quesiton chaneged my life extermly !
David Maklen