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Agriscience Exploration Course Syllabus

Course Description 

Agriscience Exploration is an exploratory course that provides Grade 8 students the opportunity to gain knowledge and acquire skills relating to the agricultural industry.  Topics are included in the outline enclosed.  Safety concepts are integrated into instruction to the maximum extent possible. 



Program and Course Goals 

The goals of this course are to encourage critical thinking, developing student leadership skills, and application of knowledge and skills related to practical questions and problems. 

Essential Questions 

Essential questions will be addressed in this course. What is agriculture? How does agriculture impact my life? How can I consider agriculture as a career? 

Culminating Products 

Complete notebook representing all assignments for the course, competed woodworking project. 

Assessment Procedures and Grading Scale 

We will have approximately 1 test grade and 1 activity grade each week. Every 4 ½ weeks, we will have a notebook grade. Grades will be averaged in STI based on earned percentage of total points possible. There will be a comprehensive mid-term exam but will count only as a regular test grade. 

Test =                      100 points

Activity =                    50 points

Notebook check =    100 points 

Career/Technical Student Organization 

FFA, the career/technical student leadership organization for this course, is an integral component of the agriscience program.  Students develop leadership skills through FFA leadership activities that are integrated into classroom instruction. These activities enhance classroom instruction by affording students opportunities to develop leadership skills. Membership in FFA has no bearing on students’ grade in the course.


The new course of study requires students in this course to complete a small woodworking project. A donation of $15.00 is requested for students who will be participating in shop/lab activities.

Agriscience Exploration Course Outline

Week              Topic                                 State Course of Study 

1             Impact of Agriculture                                     3

2            Leadership Development                               5 

3            Supervised Agricultural Experience         4 

4            Career Opportunities                                       1 

5.           Safety                                                                     2 

6-7.     Woodworking                                                  12-13 

8.         Ecology and Conservation                         10-11 

9.         Animal Science                                                     6 

10.      Plant Science                                                         8 

11.       Soil Science                                                            9 

12.      Aquaculture                                                           7 

13.      Electricity                                                              13   

14.      Power Mechanics                                                15 

15.      Technology                                                         16-17 

16.      Agrimarketing                                                      18 

17-18                  Make-up Exams and Review 

This course outline is based on the Alabama State Course of Study for Agriscience Education adopted 2008 by the Alabama State Department of Education.                         


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