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Seven Green

Websites for Math and Math MCAS Tips

  • This website will take you to our book online.  The login is oakcmp and the password is grade8.  Though the password may be grade8, you can view the books for 7th grade.  Once here, click the "Student Edition" link on the left.  After that, click grade 7 at the top of the page, then you can browse all of our books by clicking the contents tab on the left.  The website also gives great tips for parents as well as activities for you to review.

  • This website has definitions for students to look over if they want to review vocabulary.

 Math MCAS Test Taking Tips

  • Has information about The MCAS Test and links to helpful websites to help prepare.

Math review games! 

Review games #2

  • Here is a great site to play some fun review games.

Dividers for your binder!

Your binder should be organized in case we need to refer to anything from a previous class, or if you need to look at something to help you complete any homework assignments.  The four (at least) sections that you should have are as follows:

  1. Handouts/Notes
  2. Homework/Classwork (Date and title all work!)
  3. Investigations from our book (You may just keep them in your graphing notebook sequentially as well)
  4. Assessments
As long as you have those four dividers, you should be able to organize your papers well.  If you decide to organize your binder in a different way, that is fine.  Just make sure to keep yourself organized.