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Bobby Jones

Schoolrack and Discussion Board

Schoolrack will become an importaqnt communication tool where I will post assignments, tasks and missions for staff officers on a weekly and sometimes a daily basis. All staff will log into schoolrack daily as soon as they come to class. You will report to me and not attend formations except on Uniform inspection days. We have much to accomplish.

Discussion board will have topics for you to respond or to assist you in planning and coordinating events. This will become part of your grade. A single response on a discussion topic will not produce a good grade, so respond often, but with intelligent and well thought out responses. This is to trigger your ability to have a good discussion and show you can think through a process. So use it oftern when items are posted.

Failure to check your account will not be an acceptable excuse to not to complete assigned work.


Make sure you check your assignments portion of the site as I will post items to be accomplished and deadlines to be met.