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Bobby Jones

Use of School Rack and Discussion Board

It will be come essential for all memebers to use schoolrack. Calendar, meets, class assisgnments, and upcoming events are posted there. Failure to access schoolrack daily will not be an excepted excuse for missing or forgetting. This show responsibility and can give a glimpse into your leadership ability. 

Discussion board is to enhance our lessons and will use it to get you to think about issues and hold a conversation on a higher level requiring to put some thought into what your responses will be. It is part of your grade so be active on the discussion board. A single response will not produce a good grade. So be active and use intelligent thought process when responding about the topic or what someone has said.


Make sure you stay up on the assignments. I will post many items here to be accomplished throughout the semester.

Discussion Board

Go to the discussion board and participate in an active discussion of the topic. More than one response is required. Someone should be the first to respond and then others will join the dsiscussion debating each others response. Use factual data or state your opion with information to backup what you are saying. Do not just say I disagree or I agree; you need to say I disagree because of................ You should make comments daily as to get a good information flow and exchange of ideas to allow each of you to gain a better understanding of the information we are learning in the lessons. These discussions will assist you to complete your group end of chapter assignment.